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Sound Sevilla Import
My Sonic Lab Signature Gold: Perfección

An Audible Step Forward to Perfection!  Based on our unchanged principle, high energy output under low impedance, a brilliant debut of the new cartridge Signature Gold was made, after exhaustive listening tests, with an optimum combination among all pertaining factors, let alone the balance ratio between the output and impedance.

1. SH-µX core having intrinsic ultra Hi-Bs & Hi-µ: An astounding high-efficiency output 0.5mV under 1.4Ω inner resistance was created thanks to the elaborated high-efficiency magnetic circuitry composed of our exclusive core with the least required windings of the coil wire.

2. Semi-line contact stylus: An amazing trackability was procured without tracking distortion by means of microscopic 0.1mm-square diamond tip of 3 x 30µmm semi-line contact.


3. Ultra-hard cantilever: Specially hardened duralmin pipe employed this time enables to reproduce powerful yet minute and delicate nuances of musical expression

4. The hyper-solid duralmin base makes the cartridge totally variation-proof and free from resonances.

5. The dramatically reinforced magnetism was obtained by means of refined core whose cross-sectional dimensions are enlarged by as much as 10%, compared to the current versions, at the cross-sectional dimensions.





Type: Ultra-low impedance MC cartridge  Frequency response: 10 ~ 50kHz

Output voltage: 0.5mV                   Inner impedance: 1.4Ω (DCR)

Magnet: Neodymium #50                 Stylus pressure:  1.9 ~ 2.2g

Channel balance: within 0.5dB (1kHz)     Crosstalk: more than 30dB

Terminal pins: shining Rhodium-plated    Weight: ca. 10g