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Sound Sevilla Import
Después de años preguntándonos por qué el Doctor Chris Feickert no recomendaba el uso de un Mat o alfombrilla en sus platos; por fin tenemos la respuesta de la mano del mismísimo Doctor. Después de dos años de pruebas en entorno Beta por parte de Chris Feickert y sus "oídos de oro" de confianza,  Dereneville Magic Mat supone un gran avance en lo que a control de las resonancias y por tanto mejor lectura del disco negro o vinilo. Las mejoras en lo que a la escena sonora, foco y detalles musicales se refiere son excepcionales.
El Magic Mat supone un importante plus para cualquier aficionado que posee un giradiscos que no tenga sistema de succión del LP por bomba de vacío. El Magic Mat es compatible con Dr. Feickert Analogue,Rega, SME, Clearaudio, Kuzma, Sota, Transrotor, Project, VPI, Kronos, Bergmann y muchos más...

This 0riginal Dereneville-Mat optimises the resonance behaviour of your records and ensures a significantly reduced micro dynamic.

It affects the micro resonance distortion that occurs with thinner records and counters this anomaly.

Due to the excellent adhesive properties, this mat creates a perfect match between you records and your record player surface.

The result is the improvement of (lower) bass response and clear sound arrangement.

The grade of stage becomes deeper.

This Dereneville-Mat is anti-static. This avoids noise by static discharges. Any existing dust from the record adheres to the mat and will not be distributed to other records.

This original Dereneville-Mat is antibacterial and can easily be cleaned by a sponge and clean water.

This mat is silicone coated from both sides with strong glass fiber inside. The total thickness is only 0.38 mm. Normally there is no need to adjust the height of the tone arm.

This Product is exclusively and only for use as an underlay for vinyl records on a turntable top.